2024 Gehl RT165

Radial LIFT
-1650 Lb Lift Capacity
-2 Speed
-68.4 Hp Yanmar Diesel
-Full Cab & Heat , A/C with Radio w Bluetooth
-Pilot operated controls
-Air Ride Seat
-Bumper/Counterweight/ LED Work Lamps
- Ideal Trax
- Hydraulic Quick attach
-Aux Hydraulics
Rear Camera & B/U Alarm
Block Heater



2023 Manitou 1050RT

Radial LIFT
-1050 Lb Lift Capacity
-51” Wide
-1 Speed
-34 Hp Yanmar Diesel
-Full Cab & Heat
-T-Bar operated controls
- Ideal Trax
-Aux Hydraulics



2022 Gehl VT320

Full Cab & Heater A/C
3.6L Deutz engine
Self-Leveling Bucket
Air Suspension Seat
2 Speed
Back-up Alarm with Camera
Hyd Quick Attach
Block Heater
Ideal Tracks
Ideal Door


2023 Avant 860i Loader GT Cab

-57 KohlerKDI Diesel
-Weighs only 5600 Lbs
-2 Speed 18.6 MPH
-Telescopic Boom
-Tipping Load of 4190 Lbs
Smooth Drive/Self Leveling
-Aux Hyd 21.1 GPM
8 Function Joy stick Electrical Switch
-Full Hydrostatic 4 Wheel Drive
-Full Cab with Heat & A/C & Radio Full LED Lights
-Heated Air Ride Seat
-Hyd Quick attach
-Block Heater

Unit Only $127,950.00


2020 Avant AL860GT Loader Only

-57 Hp Kohler Diesel
-Enclosed Deluxe Cab W/HVAC /Heated Air Ride Seat
-Hydrostatic Drive 4 WD
-Travel Speed 18.6 Mph
-Tipping Load 4850 Lbs
-137” Reach
Hyd Quick Attach
-Aux Hyd 21 GPM 6 Function Joy stick with Electric Function to Boom
-Anti Slip Valve
-Optional Attachments

Unit Only $119500.00